Photo Favors

Photo Favors

Photo Favors covers a variety of services for us. Packages include basic 4x6 Prints with Event Folder frames and Cardboard Fun Frames. Guests stand against a backdrop and take a photo. They then choose from a variety of options including Fabric Frames such as Zebra and Leopard designs, Snow Globes, TShirts, Clips, Movie Frames, and more. We can also integrate Green Screen Photos with them.

Below you can find information about Step and Repeats, Red Carpets and more. The photo shown was taken at the Denver Broncos Post-Superbowl Party where we did Step & Repeat and Green Screen Photos.

Cardboard Fun Photos

Packages include a wide selection of different fun 4x6 photo options that guests can choose from including Wanted, Best Friends, Chillin, and more. 

Red Carpet Step & Repeat

Guests come up to the Red Carpet and take a photo. Photos are then printed on-site in an event folder frame. Can be setup as people enter in a Paparazzi style or on-going in the event. 

Packages can come with or without a custom Step & Repeat backdrop if you already have one or need one.
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