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Lounge Photo Booth

A sleek modern design for high-end corporate parties, upscale weddings and more. 

Arcade Photo Booth

For those with minimal space and want the tradional vintage feel of an authentic photo booth. 

Wedding Photo Booth

Designed to fit groups of people while still giving people privacy. Privacy brings out a different breed in people lol. 

Open Photo Booth

This Open Kiosk design is great for those who want those Professional looking quality photos that only comes from having professional lighting. 

4x6 Layouts

toshiba new years photo booth

2x6 Layouts

photo booth strips

Photo Booth Rentals 


All of our PhotoBooth Rentals include :

PHOTO BOOTHERS - Engaging attendants who make sure everyone has a great time 
and they handle all the scrapbooking.

UNLIMITED HIGH RESOLUTION 2x6 STRIPS - If 10 people go, they each get a copy within seconds. Upgrade to 4x6 layouts.

SCRAPBOOKING - This is where we differ as we incorporate your theme, do a custom cover page of the Bride & Groom or Party Host. 
We include your invitations, menus, etc.

PROPS - Its just not the same without them

FRAMES - We include 75 Sleeve Frames which can be upgraded to Acrylic Frames, Magnets or Champaigne Frames.

GRAPHIC ON PRINTS - Usually it is the name of the party and date.


photo booth frames

Stand out with Stand Up Frames

Scrapbook / Guestbook

All of our package pricing comes with Scrapbooking which we feel is what really separates us. We do more than just include all the strips with notes. We create a custom front page, incorporate your color theme, include your invitations, menus, thank you cards, napkins and any other decor you may have for your wedding day or event.....and YES this doubles as your guestbook.
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