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The Photo Boothers

people are thinking Photo Booths are like Popcorn Machines or Chocolate Fountains . This is understandable as up until around 2005 most Photo Booth machines operated very similar. Every company that offered a Photo Booth Rental was offering similar units and pricing was what mattered.

ENTER 2014
and it is a very different industry. Each company's Photo Booth is different from the next. The camera being used could be high-resolution, or it could be a webcam. Some have touch screens. The printing available could be ink jet, laser, or dye-sub. The layouts provided might be similar to traditional strips of 4 poses, or they might be totally different with a large photo and 3 small ones. The scrapbooking provided, the social media offered, the frames offered...they ALL vary nowadays from company to company.

Hopefully the following information will help inform you of what seperates us .


Photo Booth Models  

We have THREE Photo Booth models available to rent. Each one is unique depending on your style and preference.

ARCADE MODEL - These are typically known as Coney Island or Boardwalk Photo Booths as they were popularized originally on the Coney Island Boardwalk. They can be found in Arcades, Movie Theaters, Amusement Parks etc. Every couples first photos are in these Photo Booths.
These fit 2-3 people comfortably.

WEDDING MODEL - These came around around over the last 5 years as many venues were upstairs making the Arcade not viable and no elevators meant many brides could not have a Photo Booth. Seeing a market for such, a Wedding Photo Booth was built that could be setup at the location. The customization allowed the booth to accommodate upwards of 10+ people.

STUDIO OPEN - These took hold the past year as an alternative to the Wedding Model as it allows for custom backdrops to be used such as a Step & Repeat. Also they open lighting means better quality photos. 


All of our package pricing comes with Scrapbooking which we feel is what really seperates us. We do more than just include all the strips with notes. We create a custom front page, incorporate your color theme, include your invitations, menus, thank you cards, napkins and any other decor you may have for your wedding day or event.....and YES this doubles as your guestbook.

Hats / Wigs / Sunglasses / Feather Boas / Masks / Signs / Moustaches / Lips on Sticks / and More
Choose from Acrylic Stand Up / Acrylic Magnet / Cardboard Fun / Acrylic Sleeves / and Bookmark Sleeves
Social Sharing
We include a CD of Images / Flash Drive / Dropbox / or Google Drive depending on your preference and we also do a Facebook Album to share photos.
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